Booking and Payment

How to book your vacation in our hotel in Andalo

Your reservation is considered confermed after a deposit payment made to us through:

  • postal payment order to Hotel Milano, via Dossi, 8 38010 Andalo (TN)
  • bank transfer to Hotel Milano, Bottamedi Rudi e Ilaria snc,via Dossi 8, 38010 Andalo (TN), Unicredit Banca, ANDALO, IT 23 V 02008 34300 000040474382 purpose of remittance: deposit payment.
  • providing us with your credit card number and its validity (Visa-Mastercard)

The hotel has opened safely, adopting all the directives and taking even more care of hygiene and continuous sanitation that were already a priority for us!

For confirmation of booking we ask a deposit of 25% of the total.
In case of cancellation for bookings made BEFORE December 3, 2020: the deposit can be refunded up to 21 days before; from 21 days to 7 days before the deposit can be considered valid for bookings of the same amount for one year. In case of early departure or late arrival or arrival of less people as booked you pay the full fee.
If cancellations or early departures are due to Coronavirus emergencies (certified Covid disease of a guest or their close relatives or national/regional emergency due to increased number of cases) the deposits are always refunded and for early departures only the days spent at the hotel are to be paid. In case of flu or fever (not ascertained as Covid) the deposit is not refunded: from 21 days up to 7 days before it is considered valid for one year, from 7 days onwards the deposit will not be reimbursed.
In case of refund of deposits paid by credit card we retain the commission charges of 1.5%.

In case of cancellations for reservations arrived AFTER December 3, 2020: from the day of booking to 31 days before arrival, the deposit can be considered valid for future bookings of the same amount, from 30 days to 15 days before you lose the deposit, from 14 days to 7 days before arrival, you'll lose 50% of the total amount, from 7 days before you'll lose 80% of the amount of your stay. In case of early departure the full amount is to be paid.
It is recommended to have insurance in case of cancellations, paying only 4.8% more than the regular hotel price. In case of cancellation or early departures due to any disease or Covid contagion, this insurance will refund the customer the deposit, with a deductible of 10% of the penalty and the customer will not have to pay the hotel any additional penalty."

In the event of lockdowns or mobility restrictions imposed by the government, no penalties are withheld but the deposit is not refunded and kept valid for future vacations.

We reccomend to stipulate a cancellation insurance: Care4youIt must be stipulated within 48 hours of payment of the deposit!

Info Corona Virus: go

Check in day: the rooms are available from 13.30 to 23.00hrs for check in..
Check out day: the rooms should be free by 10.00hrs in the morning.

Our half board reservation includes: overnight stay, breakfast and supper. For guests who choose the half board treatment but decide to have lunch in the hotel will have to pay an additional price of 15 euros per meal.

Our full board reservation includes: overnight stay, breakfeast, lunch, supper and the possibility to have packed lunch. (The possibility to get food stamps for a 1st course meal and beverages in one of the mountain huts instead of in the hotel).

A reduction of € 5,00 for a lunch or supper meal not taken.

Method of Payment: payments should be done a day before your check out, we accept cash, bancomats, cheques, credit cards (Visa o Mastercard).

Alp Hotel Milano Andalo
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