Il bosco del respiro

The breath forest


Walking is good for you, even more so in the dense beech forest in Fai della Paganella!

In Fai della Paganella if you want to immerse yourself in nature and get the best benefits, during your vacation in Trentino, you can not miss a walk in the Park of Forest Bathing in Fai della Paganella..

The beech forest overlooks the Adige valley, here you can stop and admire a boundless view from the many panoramic terraces well exposed to the sun.
You will find four easy thematic paths, choose the route and the duration according to the time available: Sentiero dell’Otto (Eight's Path), Sentiero dei Belvedere (Belvedere Path), il sentiero del Popolo dei Reti (Reti People Path), Acqua (Water) and Faggi (Beeches).

Recent analyses testify to the very rich presence of monoterpenes and phytoncides, aromatic substances and essential oils released by the leaves and wood of the beech trees, a true natural therapy.
Walking in these woods for at least two hours and breathing deeply gives a feeling of peace and tranquility!

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