Cuddled in our wellness spa

Discover a haven of Brenta, something special and more at our wellness spa in Andalo: A hydro massage, or sauna and Turkish bath, relaxing and enjoying your bath while looking at the Brenta Dolomites.

A unique site, the one you can find only at the wellness centre in our hotel. We offer the best!

To ensure the safety of our guests and to respect the protocols, the access to the wellness is organized as a Private Spa, that is: it must be booked by noon on the same day, choosing between shift 15.30-17.00 or 17.30-19.00, the cost of entry is € 25.00 from one to 4 people belonging to the same household or people who usually meet each other, for entry over 4 people: + Euro 5.00 each person exceeding 4 up to a maximum of 6 at the same time. Entry permitted from 4 years old
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Relaxing bubbles

Hydromassage tub

Water temperature at 33° and air bubbles to give you a relaxing massage, help blood circulation, release stress and fight fluid retention. The tub has four sitting posts facing the Brenta Dolomites.

Dry heat

Finnish sauna

What's the best way to relax and purify yourself after a day of skiing or mountain biking? A finnish sauna! The dry heat in the sauna helps blood circulation, cell regeneration and boosts your respiratory system.

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Shhh... relax

Sala Dell'Himalaya

Qui, il purissimo sale Himalayano porterà al tuo corpo una lunga serie di effetti benefici contro nervosismo, insonnia, disturbi della concentrazione e radicali liberi. Nella parete retroilluminata, l’effetto è potenziato dal leggero surriscaldamento dei mattoni di sale: l’ambiente sarà ancora più suggestivo, e si potrà beneficiare dell’effetto cromoterapico caratteristico del sale rosa Himalayano.

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