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Eco-Friendly hotel in Trentino

"The planet earth is not an inheritance from our fathers, but that of which was borrowed and has to be handed over to our children” (Indian Proverb)

Being an Ecologic hotel in Trentino means to be a unique hotel which is environmentally respectful: situated between the Brenta Dolomites and  Paganella, right in the middle of Adamello Brenta Natural Park. We are aware of  this great fortune and we would like to contribute to the conservation of nature. This is the reason why joined the sustainability programme of the park and got the Quality Park certificate.
A brand to be environmentally friendly   Quality Park We use ecological detergents, pratice differentiated waste collection and energy saving methods. This is how we achieved our quality park mark. Joining the Adamello Brenta National Park eco-sustainable programme means choosing actions that will reduce our impact on the environment. Being part of the quality park means enhancing our local products and sensitising our guests on safeguarding the environment. This is the only way to promote eco-sostenible turism and be an eco-friendly hotel in Trentino.
A park, many possibilities...   Experience the park Summer and winter is the best time to be in Andalo to discover Adamello Brenta National Park. If you are staying at Alphotel Milano, you can book an organized escursion of the park directly in the hotel. Book an escursion and visit the nature reserve house of Spormaggiore, take a walk in the woods, discover animal trails and admire Lake Molveno. In winter, dive into the silence of the woods by foot wearing snowboats and discover various animal footprints left on the snow.
Protected nature   Adamello Brenta National Park The park is and is the most protected area of Trentino. Our hotel is found in Andalo,a municipality of the park. The Adamello and Brenta mountain ranges are home to an extraordinary wild life such as bears, chamois, deers, roe deers and eagles. And more animals like wolves, ibex, martens, wood grouse and marmouts. Choosing to protect the habitat of these animals also means protecting nature around us.
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